Home Automation


Central Controller for SwannOne System
  • Battery Back-up
  • Detects Sounds
  • Expandable Service Plans
  • Mobile Alerts
  • Secure and Private
  • USB Connection
  • Wireless


The Smart Hub is the brains of the SwannOne home automation system. Connecting to the internet via your router, it enables you to control and access your SwannOne system from your smartphone and tablet.

The Smart Hub comes with a built in microphone which allows it to analyze the sounds it hears, alerting you of breaking glass in doors and windows (additional sound alerts are available via optional plans). A built in battery provides back-up should the main power drop out. A handy USB port lets you recharge phones and other USB devices.

More Than Just Security!

More than just a regular security system, SwannOne offers connected home automation functions to secure your home and loved ones. The SwannOne family of products allow you to control security devices, household appliances, lighting and heating systems to make your home a smart secure home. Various energy management devices can also be incorporated to monitor household power consumption, provide remote access, and home lighting automation. Better yet – everything can be controlled from your smartphone, tablet or computer, allowing you to take your home’s security into your own hands.


Know what’s going on at your place

See what’s happening at your home or business with high definition video monitoring indoors and out. You can check in on weather conditions, a parcel at the front door, pets, or even use it as a baby monitor with the ability to see and hear what’s happening.

Receive alerts to your smartphone or tablet if motion or sounds of interest are detected with the ability to activate recording as required.

•  Activate 3 simple modes – Home, Away, and Night
•  Stream live video at your property
•  Automate appliances, lighting and access control
•  Control rules to automate appliances on a schedule
•  Monitor and manage your energy use
•  Receive notifications if unexpected movement is detected
•  Activate Professional Monitoring On-Demand
•  Be alerted by glass breaking or a smoke alarm blaring

Mobile: / Whats app: UK +44 7480567000 or in Spain: 642332236

Email: costablancatech@gmail.com